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  • Broccoli Extract

  • Herb Sourse:Broccoli cruciferous root
  • Major Components:Sulforaphane
  • Specifications:0.5%,10%, 50%,90%
  • Assay Method:HPLC
  • Appearance:green-yellow powder
  • Broccoli Extract
  • Pharmacology:1.The extract made from broccoli sprouts may prevent skin cancer when applied directly to the skin.
    2.Broccoli (Broccoli extract) could promote lung health.
    3.Sulforaphane is a long-lasting anti-oxidant and detoxifier, and to contribute to the integrity of cells, promoting the body's immune defense systems for overall health and well being.
    4.Sulforapane has been shown to be able to restore antioxidant gene expression in human epithelial tissue in which DJ-1 has been reduced. DJ-1 is a biochemical regulator that stabilizes NRF2, while KEAP1 – another regulator – inhibits NRF2.

  • Packaging:1kg, 5kg, 10kg aluminum foil vacuum bag; or 20kg,25kgFiber Drum

  • Storage:
    Store in cool dry place,avoid sunlight and high temperature.

  • Shelf Life:
    24 months with original packing under 18℃ 

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