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  • DL-Methionine

  • Cas No:59-51-8
  • Assay Method:AJI/EP/USP/FCC
  • Formula:C5H11NO2S
  • Weight:149.21
  • Appearance:white flaky crystal or crystalline powder. Has special odor. slightly sweet taste. M.P.: 281 degree. 10% aqueous solution pH-value 5.6-6.1. soluble in water, diluted acids and alkali solution, insolub
  • Applications:Nutrition supplement, flavoring additives; also used for perfumes etc.

  • Packaging:25KG fiber drum, or upon clients' requests.

  • Storage:Avoid light, stored in dry and cool place; no mixing with toxic and hazardous articles. It is non-dangerous article, and can be transported as common chemicals; handle with care; protect against sunlight and rain.

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