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  • Matrine

  • Herb Sourse:Sophora flavescens Ait.
  • Cas No:519-02-8
  • Specifications:98%
  • Assay Method:HPLC
  • Formula:C15H24N2O
  • Weight:248.36
  • Appearance:White crystalline powder, an alkaloid
  • Matrine
  • Pharmacology:Matrine inhibited with central nervous system, anti-tumor effects, anti-arrhythmic effect, diuretic effect, positive inotropic effect; can reduce liver cell injury, and promote its regeneration and improve hepatic microcirculation in order to facilitate the uptake of bilirubin , combined with the discharge to achieve the anti-inflammatory, hepatoprotective liver and jaundice JiangMei expansion effect, and finally to be histology of liver was significantly improved; matrine on HBV-DNA replication are inhibited.

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