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  • Paeonolum

  • Herb Sourse:Paeonia moutan Sim. Pycnostelma paniculatum K. Schum
  • Cas No:552-41-0
  • Specifications:99%
  • Assay Method:HPLC
  • Formula: C9H10O3
  • Weight:166.18
  • Appearance:Shiny white or slightly yellow needle-shaped crystals
  • Paeonolum
  • Pharmacology:With sedative, hypnotic, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, lower blood pressure and so on, in Japan are concerned, can inhibit cell paeonol O2-radical production, the skin whitening, the deposition of pigment in the skin to restore faded, Consumer deposition of plaque, inflammation, swelling and pain, anti-allergic, anti-virus and so on. On the stain, muscle pain, skin itching, psoriasis, shingles HSV, eczema treatment and has good health effects, in addition, in toothpaste, gargle, tooth powder, water has a good effect toothache.

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